Feelin’ Foolish Friday Five

Wouldn’t you  know it? The week I completely forget to post a new Friday Five is the one week my blog is featured on Healthy Living Blogs. You can catch up with my answers here, if you’re so inclined — but I feel pretty silly for all the folks who visited last Friday and saw a days-old post.

To make up for my faux-pas, I’m presenting a double-dose of Fab Five fun today. Enjoy!

Five Favorite Fall Activities

  1. Leaf-peeping. Living in northern Arizona, my fall-leaves color palette is limited to gold and … well … gold. That doesn’t stop me from squealing with delight every time I see the occasional maple tree in its blaze of red glory.
  2. All things pumpkin: Jack-o-lantern carving, pumpkin-spice coffee sipping, pureed pumpkin eating. I can’t wait to try a sugar-free, low-carb version of Tina‘s pumpkin hot chocolate.
  3. Dressing up in ridiculous costumes. My favorite was the year I was pounds away from my goal weight and dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl. Not sure I like what Rachel thinks my Halloween costume says about me … but that’s okay. In recent years, I’ve also been a blonde bombshell a a la Marilyn Monroe, Cher and an 80s flashback (complete with leg warmers).
  4. Walking. Okay, it’s not really a fall activity, but this is the perfect time of year to hit the sidewalk. Not too cold, not too hot — and there are all those gorgeous, golden leaves to enjoy!
  5. Making stew. I’m rather sad that I’ll have to forgo my favorite cider stew this year. I can’t think of a way to make it low-carb enough.

Five favorite low-carb breakfasts

  1. A cheese and veggie omelet with bacon.
  2. Dana Carpender’s Fried Mush (500 Low-Carb Recipes) topped with pumpkin puree and sliced almonds or berries and sugar-free whipped cream.
  3. An Atkins bar or shake
  4. Last night’s leftovers (whatever they might be)
  5. A faux Frappuccino from Starbucks (an iced latte made with heavy cream, sugar-free syrup, then blended)

Last Five Things I Ate

  1. Serving of sugar-free chocolate
  2. Cobb salad from the grocery produce department (5 net carbs)
  3. Tube of Planters peanuts from the vending machine (Bonus: It gave me two packs for the price of one.)
  4. The aforementioned faux Frappuccino (It served as a late lunch.)
  5. Two-egg cheese omelet with mushrooms, yellow squash and zucchini — and 3 strips of bacon

Five Fun Things I’ve Done Lately

  1. Got a screaming deal on a new purse (see below).

    Just $5, marked down from $18.
  2. Met with a couple of my writer friends (one to chat, one to get some work done)
  3. Discovered my Twitter iPhone app will track more than one account at a time. Hopefully this’ll mean more participation in the Twittersphere.
  4. Got nowhere near the terrible-looking remake of “Footloose.”
  5. Signed up to put my hat into the 2012 RWA Golden Heart® ring with two more entries.

That’s it for this week. Tune in again next Friday, when I hopefully won’t forget another Friday Five.

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