Return of another dinner

Lately, I’ve had a hankering for Mexican food.

Problem is, when you’re doing the low-carb thing, pretty much all traditional Mexican fare is off the table. Burrito? Not unless it’s wrapped in a low-carb tortilla. Chips and salsa? Forget about it.

About the only options are a taco salad (without the crunchy, delicious shell) or what I had for dinner last night: nachos made with pork rind “chips.”

Now I’m not normally a pork rind kind of girl. The only time I eat them is when I need a crunchy, low-carb chip substitute … Like two or three times a year.

In that capacity, they’re kind of outstanding.

I made some seasoned ground beef, topped it with 1/4 cup of Colby Jack cheese and served it up with half an avocado, 2T sour cream and 1/4 cup salsa, then used my “chips” to scoop it all up.

It might sound terrible, but it sure hit the spot.

The secret, I’ve discovered, is to keep the pork rinds separate from the toppings.

When my roommate and I did Atkins in 2003, we put toppings on the chips and baked the pan to melt the cheese. The result? Some of them got soaked with grease. Greasy, soggy pork rinds are as gross as they sound.

But if you heat your meat and cheese, then scoop it up, every chip stays crisp. Much better.

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