Tale of two dinners

Dickens I’m not … so I won’t say one was the best of dinners and one was the worst of dinners. In fact, they were both pretty darn good — both in taste and speed.

With my roommate gone for the weekend, I’m on doggy duty. That meant instead of working through and eating at my desk like I usually do on Fridays (and most other days), I had to take a quick dinner break to go home and feed the little darlings.

Rotisserie chicken and bag o' salad, with a little iced green tea on the side.

Enter dinner No. One: Rotisserie chicken and salad from a bag. Like I tweeted last night, the fastest dinner this side of the drive thru. Sure, I had to stop and pick it up from the store … but that just gave me an excuse to grab an iced green tea from Starbucks, too. No complaints there! 😉 I think it took me all of two minutes to plate.

Dinner No. Two was actually today’s lunch. No less delicious, but it took just a little longer to fix. That’s because I made zucchini “pasta.” That’s right: I used a veggie peeler to make zucchini ribbons, then sauteed them in butter. I served it with leftover rotisserie chicken breast, heated in the microwave with some Alfredo sauce. It took maybe 15 minutes total.

Zucchini pasta with chicken and Alfredo sauce.

Yum — and all for about 3.2 carbs. 😉 Who ever said you can’t cook good food fast?

Oh yeah — that was me, wasn’t it? Guess I’m back in the home-cooking mood.

Took long enough …


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