Frazzled Friday five

Anyone else feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Thought so.

Thursday was a decent day for me. I took myself on a walk around the neighborhood, listening to the iPod on my phone. It was funny, because as I went to the door, my Cocoa went too. She sat there looking so hopeful that I had to take her with me. We need more mommy-doggy time, anyway — and the roommates’ dog, Cinnamon was nowhere to be found.

I also got right back on the writing horse. Wrote 800+ more words before work and came up with a great conversation on the drive to E’s after work.

And at my book club meeting, I didn’t pig out on junk food. I did eat a couple of pieces of lightly breaded fish with some avocado slices and cheese … But I didn’t have that out-of-control “must now devour everything in sight” feeling I used to get.

That, my friends, is “the Atkins advantage” at work.

Now, on to the Friday five. I have seen variations popping up on more blogs lately, and while I’d like to take credit, I know better.

Last five people I talked to
1. Myself (in the Focus on drive to the Boyfriend’s)
2. Coworkers
3. Book clubbers
4. Counter person at Wendy’s
5. Barista (not Batista) at Starbucks (My first “Damn you, autocorrect” experience. Talking to Batista the WWE wrestler would have been a lot more interesting.)

Last five book club picks
1. Cutting for Stone
2. The Lacuna
3. One Day
4. The History of Love
5. The Art of Racing in the Rain

Of those, I found time to read Nos. 3 and 5. Loved Enzo’s story, but I found One Day slow (and detested the ending). You don’t ask a romance writer to love a book without a happily ever after.

Last five vacations I’ve taken
1. Sedona
2. NYC (for the RWA conference)
3. Salt Lake City (to visit my brother)
4. Whirlwind tour of Oklahoma, Iowa and Minnesota’s North Shore
5. Phoenix (?) I honestly can’t remember back that far. Probably a sign I need more vacations, eh?


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