Making connections

There has to be a reason I’m having a bottomless pit kind of day.

No, I haven’t had any forbidden carbs. But I did snack on a handful of nuts, a slice of cheese and two sugar-free peppermint patties when I got home from work.

Stress at work? No more than usual.

Skimpy dinner? Maybe. I had green beans with Alfredo sauce and pepperoni.

The main culprit is more likely the bad news I got on the writing front. The contest scores I received were a lot lower than I expected. None of the judges seemed to like my heroine.

I keep trying to remind myself that this was the first feedback on my first draft. And convince myself that it gives me something to work with …

Still, it’s hard not to feel discouraged — and to want refuge in food.

Then again, maybe it’s just about that TOM. That’ll make me crave snacks every time.


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