Fantabulous Friday Five

These Friday Five posts are turning into a fun way for me to share things I don’t normally talk about. It’d be fun to see them pop up on other blogs. (Hint, hint.)

Five things I want to buy

  1. A MacBook Air
  2. A new GPS with the voice of Han Solo telling me where to go 😉
  3. Arm warmers (for the days I don’t want to wear a sweater at work)
  4. New walking shoes
  5. Pedometer that doesn’t randomly reset itself in the  middle of the day

Five places I’ve visited

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Dublin (all three while I was studying in England)
  4. California wine country (Napa, Calistoga) and San Francisco
  5. New York City (just a few months ago for the RWA National conference)

Five jobs I’ve held

  1. Busgirl at a family restaurant/tavern (I wasn’t old enough to touch any glasses containing alcohol.)
  2. Babysitter
  3. Editor of various sections, then editor in chief, of my college newspaper, the University of Evansville Crescent. (This was back in the days before the Internet. We did our layout on old Apple computers that predated the iMac. Anyone else remember this baby?)
  4. Cops/courts/city council reporter, becoming education reporter
  5. Food editor/page designer

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