No pumpkin spice for me

At least not at Starbucks. Their pumpkin spice syrup is, sadly, not sugar-free. But with all signs pointing to fall — especially the posters advertising toasty fall-themed lattes — I was craving something pumpkin-y.

I knew how to feed the craving, though: Torani sugar-free pumpkin syrup from Cost Plus World Market. I was feeling quite pleased with my solution, and certain satisfaction was imminent.

But when I got to the Torani display at the back of the store, I searched every last shelf to find … no pumpkin syrup. It’s not in stock yet. I made the drive all the way across town to the mall for nothing.

Okay, not nothing. I picked up a bottle of sugar-free salted caramel syrup instead. When mixed with almond milk, coffee, a little cream and ice, it makes a pretty delicious frappe.

It’s just not pumpkin — and that’s what I really want. So I either wait (two weeks!) until the sugar-free pumpkin syrup comes in or attempt to make my own with this Savvy Eats recipe. It looks easy enough — and it’d be sugar-free if I use Splenda instead of real sugar.

Hmm … it’s a thought.


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