Friday Five

It’s Friday — and you know what that means: Time for a new Friday Five. I’ll keep it short this time, because my brain doesn’t seem to want to serve up any fun lists.

5 things I’m thankful for

  1. Beautiful scenery. Getting to look at this out my window is both awe-inspiring and soul-soothing.

    See Snoopy lying atop his dog house?

  2. The Boyfriend. He makes me laugh every day.
  3. My smartphone. Yes, I’d still rather have an iPhone, but the Droid is definitely growing on me. I can catch up on TweetDeck/blog reading while I’m waiting in line!
  4. My job. Even though the hours suck, I know it could be worse. So many people don’t have jobs at all, let alone one they (mostly) love.
  5. Blog friends like Tina at Faith Fitness Fun and Jen, Elle and Lindsay at PriorFatGirl. I look forward to reading their posts in my Google Reader every day — and even though I don’t know them personally, reading their posts makes me feel like I do.

Last 5 e-books I read

(This one’s probably a better fit for my writing blog, but I’ll include it here anyway.)

  1. Making Her Nights by Keri Ford
  2. In the Hay by Keri Ford
  3. Animal Instincts by Jaci Burton
  4. 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover by Linda Wisdom
  5. Falling Fast by Lucy Kevin

Last five places my butt has hit the chair

  1. The office
  2. The car
  3. My other “office” (Starbucks)
  4. The car
  5. The Boyfriend’s couch

Now it’s your turn. Pick one of the five and share your answers … Better yet, give me your own fun Friday Five list (and don’t be surprised if I borrow it for a future installment). 😉


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