Feeling left out

It seems to me like everyone else in the world is at the Healthy Living Summit. I exaggerate only a little bit …

Ah, well. Maybe next year. This year, I blew my travel budget— and then some — on my trip to NYC for the RWA National convention. Since romance writing is a bigger dream for me than weight-loss blogging, I’d say I made the right choice.

Still, when everyone else is blogging about the fun they’re having at HLS, it’s hard not to feel just a touch left out.

While everyone else is in Philly, I’m still in Arizona, working away. (I think this is like my fifth straight Saturday at the office …) I did have a pretty great day. Met with my writer’s group for a brainstorming session, then visited a book-signing for one of my other chaptermates.

Lost count of the number of carbs I ate, but I didn’t eat  any bread, pasta, sugar or anything … I even successfully avoided ordering one of my faux Frappuccinos when I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work. Got iced green tea (1 Splenda) instead.

Tomorrow morning, my dog, Cocoa, is taking a trip to the groomer’s for a bath. Then I hope to get in some writing before I head to work a little earlier than usual for a Sunday. As long as it’s not raining, I’ll need to take a dinner break for our softball game.


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