Off to a great start

My Wednesday morning started off right with a walk. Even though the Droid stubbornly refused to load the map of my neighborhood or find a GPS signal, I walked for half an hour. (I wanted to counteract what I knew would be  a long day at the office, so I chose a nice long — for me — walk.)

Then I headed back to the house for a breakfast of sauerkraut and Cheddarwurst. I know, I know — my breakfasts are getting weirder all the time. I’ve just been eating stuff that’s low-carb and appeals to me when I’m scrounging in the fridge.

After “breakfast,” I hit the shower, then packed my eats for the rest of the day so I could head to Starbucks before work. Before I left, I whipped up a homemade coconut-mocha frappe. The hope was that by having a fancy coffee drink before I got there, I’d be able to stick to the iced tea and save a few bucks.

Before I had to leave the Bux, I managed to sneak in nearly 1,000 words (and catch up on some e-mails.) I also managed to successfully avoid the faux Frappuccino that’s fast becoming my go-to drink.

I just read back through this post and realized it’s boring … with a capital BOR. That means one of two things: Either I should stop blogging when I’m brain-dead after a long night at work … or I need to get a life.

Maybe it’s a combination of the two. How’s this for interesting?

On my way to the office, I swung past Wendy’s to pick up a half BLT Cobb salad. As I was leaving, salad bag in hand, I caught a noseful of french fry grease — and my first thought was NOT “This smells good.” I thought, “Ugh. I’m glad I have a salad.”

You read right: I was actually glad I didn’t have fries. Does this mean my mindset is shifting back into healthy mode?



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