Failure to plan

In this case, at least, failing to plan did NOT lead to planning to fail. Amazing, right?

I had no plan for this afternoon and evening’s eats — just leftover Italian beef, broccoli and assorted stuff I had in the cooler I brought back from the Boyfriend’s. I didn’t have time to run home between the time I got up here and the time I had to get to work, and payday is still days away, so those foods were what I was stuck with.

My afternoon snack became two hard-boiled eggs and some sharp cheddar cheese; dinner was a plate piled with beef and broccoli. After dinner, I had an Atkins caramel/peanut/nougat bar.

And I still have 5+ grams of carbs left for a snack when I leave the office in a few minutes.

Not too shabby for something thrown together. Staying on track is getting easier every day.

Had my Romance Biggest Winner weigh-in this morning: Another pound bites the dust. I’m edging closer to goal every week — but I still have a darn long way to go.

Slow and steady wins the race, right?


2 responses to “Failure to plan

    • Thanks. I have to keep reminding myself that the weight didn’t come back on overnight, and it won’t go away that way, either. 😉

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