First Friday Five

I’ve seen a few people who blog “Friday Five” lists (like Mary at A Merry Life). Even though it’s now technically Saturday, I love the idea (and I can’t think of anything I’d rather write about tonight). Here’s my stab at it:

Five go-to low-carb meals for a busy day

  1. Pickle spears wrapped in ham or turkey and cheese
  2. 1/2 cup green beans topped with a little garlic, 2 T tomato sauce, 1 oz. mini pepperoni and some mozzarella (or not. I eat it both ways.)
  3. A couple of hard-boiled eggs with cheese and cucumber spears (or not. A lot of times I skip the cukes, or eat them as a snack — with blue cheese dressing — at some other time throughout the day.)
  4. A Cheddarwurst with 1/2 cup sauerkraut (My coworkers don’t much care for this one, but it’s quick and easy.)
  5. Any low-carb meal I’ve made ahead and frozen

Five meals I’d like to have more often

  1. George Stella’s Meat Lasagna (That stuff takes a while to make, but it’s seriously tasty. Lucky for me, a pan serves 8, so when I make it, I freeze several servings.)
  2. Garden Vegetable Casserole (one of Dana Carpender’s recipes)
  3. A big ol’ chicken Caesar salad from Picazzo’s (Cost keeps me from indulging in this one as often as I’d like.)
  4. Italian Beef (my cousin’s recipe: A green pepper, a roast and lots of Italian seasoning in the Crock Pot with beef broth. Note to self: Must buy roast.)
  5. Bacon. (Okay, it doesn’t count as a meal — but I could eat bacon every day if it didn’t take so darn long to cook.)

Five things on my desk right now

  1. Pictures of my nephew and niece
  2. An empty vase that at one time held a bunch of daffodils. (So it was months ago, when daffodils were cheap and plentiful at the grocery store. I never claimed to have a clean desk.)
  3. Empty water bottles (and a Diet Dr Pepper bottle. Needed the caffeine to get me through my extra-long day at work.)
  4. Some page proofs of pages in the Saturday and Sunday papers.
  5. A genuine Oscar Mayer wiener whistle (a souvenir from the day I got to interview the drivers of the Weinermobile when it scooted into town. I never said my job was boring!)

There you have it. If I decide to do this regularly, I’ll make myself a cool “5” logo to go with it. Right now, I’m headed home for a snack (I still have 4 carbs to eat) and bed.

My goal for tomorrow: Another walk of at least a mile and softball practice for an hour before work.


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