In the pink


Is it just me or does my face look a little thinner? Wait — don't answer that ... unless, of course, you plan to say "yes." 😉

While on my walk this morning, I was struck by something new — or at least long-forgotten.

I felt good great. Thirty minutes was gone before I knew it and I could have — and probably should have — kept right on walking. That I didn’t was more of an “I want to get to Starbucks to write for a few hours before work” thing than an “OMG, I’m gasping for air and want to die” thing.

This is the first time in I can’t remember how long (with the exception of last week) that I’ve felt like this.

How to describe “this”? I feel like I’ve got it together. Is almost 40 too soon — or too late — to finally feel like you have all your sh*t together?

• I feel stronger — at least mentally. (I know I ought to be working on physical strength, too.) I have willpower to “just say no” to the goodies that materialize at work — and to the crap the Boyfriend likes to tempt me with.

What can I say? It’s a lot easier to say “Can’t eat that. Carbs.” than it was to try to justify saying no before. He’d say things like “one bite won’t kill you.” Now, I can respond with, “Maybe not, but it’ll ruin my Atkins fat-burning edge.” or “I’m not eating carbs, remember?” or my personal favorite, “I’m not eating that crap — and neither should you.”

• I’m cooking at home more than I have been, trying new recipes and avoiding fast food more often.

• I’m also plugging along on a new manuscript — and I feel like, with everything I’ve learned to this point, it might be my best yet. Maybe it’ll be the one that lands me an agent/publisher/spot on the bestseller list.

Yes, I’m on a roll — and it’s one I don’t want to end. Finally, it seems like that elusive balance is in reach. Woo-hoo!

Next up: I plan to walk at least a mile tomorrow, before the crazy-long Friday at the office. If I’m lucky, I’ll sneak in a little more writing time, too. I owe my writing blog a post (or two or three).


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