Simply delicious


Eggs on a bed of sauteed veggies

Much praise goes around the blog world for “dippy eggs.” Considering I’m not much of an egg fan to begin with, the idea of runny yolks doesn’t appeal very much.

But this morning, after hitting the snooze four or five times, I rolled out of bed and took a 2o-minute walk. When I got back to the house, I wanted eggs.

More specifically, I wanted to try those “dippy eggs” everyone raves about.

Since it was after 11 a.m. — closer to lunch than breakfast — I decided to whip up a bed of sauteed veggies to serve them over. Into the pan went olive oil, zucchini, mushroom and a little onion.

With the veggies cooked to my liking, it was time to crack a couple of eggs. I seasoned them with freshly ground pepper and garlic sea salt. Then they cooked to what many of you might call perfection: fully cooked white with a runny yolk.

I was amazed, actually. They weren’t half bad that way. Had I had something other than zucchini and mushroom to sop up the yolk, I probably would have appreciated them even more.

Unfortunately, not everything I made today was golden. My dinner was a definite fail. I think I’ll leave the Caesar salad making to the experts at Picazzo’s.

Now, I’m headed off to peruse grocery ads and come up with a rough menu plan for the next week or so. I’ve been struggling to break through the 250 mark, bouncing from 250.2 to 251 and back to 250.8.

More home-cooking can’t hurt, right? If I’m lucky, ground beef will be on sale so I can make another batch of that Stella-style Meat Lasagna. Mmm …


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