Half gone?

Is the year really half over? It must be true, because WordPress told me so. (I’m digging the suggested topics that pop up after you publish a post. I wouldn’t have realized it without ’em.)

With the year half gone, I thought I’d take a look at some things I’d like to accomplish before 2012 rolls around.

— See the scale back in the 220s. Less would be better, but I’m being realistic here. With me weighing in at 250.2 last Tuesday, I may not see anything less than 220 by the end of the year.

— Log at least 100 miles of walking. I did about 15 miles in July. If I can do at least 20 a month, I’ll have gone 100 miles August-December. Totally do-able, right? And by the end of it, I’d have developed a habit.

— Keep saving up for a new computer. I’ve recently started thinking about getting something other than a Mac because I could have a new $400 PC in two or three months instead of taking a year to save up for a Mac. But I’m a Mac girl. Always have been … so I’ll likely bite the bullet and try to save faster — or look into getting my old one repaired.

— Finish two manuscripts and enter two more in the Golden Heart. (It’d be nice to final again next year, but even if I don’t, I can always say I’m a 2011 finalist.) Okay, this one should go on the writing blog, not here … but it’s still a goal.


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