Ups and downs

Today started with a great weigh-in: 5 pounds gone. Normally, that’d put me in a good mood all day long.

But that wasn’t the case this time. We had a downpour at noon, right after I finished my 22-minute walk. In fact, I got sprinkled on a little. As I walked, I thought “I’m feeling dreary” and wondered why.

“You should be having a great day,” I told myself.

Add the gray day to the fact that I had to head back to work, and you have a likely culprit for my not-so-great mood. A two-week vacation is way too long. With each passing day, you want to go back less.

My return to work emphasized the fact that I eat when I’m bored. I had a bit of a bottomless pit day, consuming 30.7 net carbs. (Since I’ve been shooting for 25, that’s high.)

On the plus side, I made a new recipe for lunch — and loved it. I’ll write up a post after I snap a shot of the leftovers. (I was too eager to try it today to pause long enough for a picture.)

Tomorrow’s goals: More steps on the pedometer and fewer carbs consumed.


One response to “Ups and downs

  1. It’s a matter of perspective how you interpret the ups and downs of dieting.
    One might say the “ups” are the emotionally driven HIGHS experienced when all aspects of dieting seem to be successfully elevating us to higher and higher places of motivation, which in essence, allows the numbers on the scale to go, ironically, down. The “downs” on the other hand, are the emotionally driven LOWS experienced when all aspects of dieting seem to be failing, known to many as “falling off the dieting wagon.” This falling down, then, causes the scales to climb upward.
    Another perspective might give thought to the “ups” representing the times when our weight causes the numbers on the scale to rise, with the “downs” giving meaning to our leaner times.
    There is so much to explore in our vast culture of dieting. It is definitely one full of differing perspectives, many opinions and even more ups-and-downs.

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