Dessert before dinner


Pulled pork and a salad

I goofed today and made a 6-carb frappe for my afternoon snack.

It all started earlier today, while I was at the Bookmans cafe. They have a poster advertising their newest slice of coffee heaven, a “skinny” peanut butter cup frappe. It looked … well, heavenly.

Unfortunately, the fact that it’s low-fat left me out, so I stuck with the unsweetened iced tea. But my creative juices started flowing and I decided to try to make my own version. I went with peanut butter, sugar-free chocolate syrup, coffee, almond milk and a little heavy cream.

The peanut butter was my downfall. I used two full tablespoons, which made for a deliciously peanutty flavor … but contained a whopping 4 net carbs. Add that to 1 carb for the almond milk/cream and 1 carb for the chocolate syrup (I went with Hershey’s instead of the Torani I use in the mocha coconut version), and you get 6 net carbs.

A little lot more than I wanted to consume in my afternoon snack, so I dubbed it my pre-dinner dessert and moved on.

Dinner was pulled pork with a big old side salad. The picture might not make it look like much, but it smelled fantastic. I wish the Internet had smell-o-vision so you could catch a whiff for yourself, because it tasted even better than it smelled. Making my own barbecue sauce was SO worth it.

After dinner, I headed outside for a walk. As far as “last-chance workouts” went, it wasn’t much of one … but it’s something. I’m still not too nervous about stepping on the scale for Romance’s Biggest Winner tomorrow. It’s been a pretty good week.


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