Shopping spree


I guess you can’t call one pair of shorts a spree … but they were a necessary purchase after I stepped on the scale this morning.

The shorts I’ve been wearing — bought the day I got my gown for the RWA awards ceremony — are huge on me. They were big when I picked them up (even though I tried them on). I think at that point, after shopping all day,  I was feeling huge and defeated.  The dress was a 24, and I grabbed 22 shorts because the 20s were just a little tight.

Turns out the dress was too big, too. They had to pin me into it on awards night. (Though I think the 9 pounds I lost had a little something to do with it.)

Anyway,  I’ve been wearing my too-huge shorts with a belt. But because they’re so big on me, I’ve been a bit lax with my food choices. 

Confession time: Yesterday was a bad day for the low-carb diet. I had half an English muffin with breakfast, a not-even-very-good breaded pork tenderloin for lunch (no bun), two small snickerdoodles and popcorn.

And I wonder why the scale said I was up 2.6 pounds today. 😛


I decided the giant shorts were party to blame, so I picked up a new pair. They’re only one size down, but they fit much better.

Amazing that just one size makes such a difference, eh?


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