Montezuma’s revenge


It was only two-thirds of a mile. Even in my current state of un-fitness, I can walk two-thirds of a mile.

Except when you attempt to walk that distance — or any distance,  really — in 100-degree weather, it’s much,  much tougher.

I went to Montezuma’s Castle and Montezuma’s Well (in photo) today with Eric and the family. Centuries ago, both sites were part of a settlement of Sinagua indians. They were abandoned in the 1400s as the Sinaguas became part of other Arizona tribes.

Now I’m completely wiped out. The walking tired me and then I had a softball game.

I was afraid the game would be rained out … and it’d have been better for us if it had been. We totally got our butts kicked, 21-0.

Yeah, yeah. It was bad. Guess there’s some truth to the whole “journalists aren’t athletic” thing.


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