At the airport



It seems like everyone blogs from the airport while waiting for a flight. Finally it’s my turn.

That’s right. I’m going somewhere more exciting than Prescott, Arizona. It’s time for me to head to NYC for the Romance Writers of America national conference. By Friday, I’ll know if I won the Golden Heart® award in my category.

Until then, it’s four days of learning, networking with editors and agents, and (hopefully) rubbing elbows with a few of my favorite authors.

It’s also time to stay on track with the diet and exercise. I brought plenty of low~carb snacks for in~room meals … and one of my Starcatcher sistren (the name our GH class adopted) is leading a yoga class Wednesday morning. (She’s a personal trainer or fitness instructor on top of being an aspiring writer.)

Check out the backpack the Boyfriend’s mom loaned me to use as a carry-on. It’s crammed full of important stuff, like the purse, chargers, phone and Nook, along with a change of clothes and a sweater.

Much better than a half-full big suitcase and stuffed carry-on, eh? I just hope my luggage arrives with me.


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