A productive day

Two unexpected opportunities arose today.

Here's Bandit on a recent stay at my place.

First, I got a chance to walk with this guy (Bandit) and his mom, my coworker. She sent me a text this morning, asking if I wanted to take a hike in Buffalo Park before I headed into work. Since I didn’t have any other plans — at least not ones that didn’t involve lazing around with the Boyfriend, I said “Sure.”

(We all know I’ve been trying to sneak in more activity — and it doesn’t seem so much like exercise when you’re walking and chatting with a friend.)

Immediately after I said yes, I got another text from one of my writer friends. She’s the president of my local writer’s group, and we often get together when she can steal some writing time from her husband and kids.

That led to opportunity No. 2: Some much-needed writing time. I had a synopsis to rewrite — like yesterday.

So my lazy morning turned into quite the productive day: A little more than an hour of writing time followed by a 45-minute walk (and shower) before work.

Wait a minute … exercise and writing? That sounds suspiciously like that elusive balance I’m constantly seeking. Hmm …

Unfortunately, before I took off, I managed to burn the hamburger and ruin the rice that was the Boyfriend’s lunch. (Mind you, I thought the hamburger still tasted fine … and I wasn’t eating rice, since it has way too many carbs).

I blame it on the stupid electric stove in his apartment. Given a choice, I’d never use electric. I grew up cooking on gas, and the stove at my place now is gas. I know how to cook on gas — and I don’t burn things unless I want them burned. The electric stove is another story. I’ve burned bacon (when I just wanted it crispy) and now hamburger.

Oh well. So I’m not always a great cook. I read enough blogs to know that even the best fail sometimes. 😉


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