Hungry? Not me

Even though I had to work, I didn’t pack myself a lunch/snacks today. I ended up running out of the house early to meet a writer friend at Starbucks before I headed to the office. (Being as busy as I am with my writing these days, I snag every opportunity I can to meet and write.)

That impromptu meeting may have been a blessing, because I noticed something very interesting tonight. After dinner, I thought I wanted something sweet. But because all I had in the desk drawer were a couple of Atkins bars with 4 Net Carbs apiece, I stopped and thought before I grabbed a snack.

I asked myself if I wanted to eat 4 more carbs’ worth of food. Was really that hungry?

The answer was “no.” No siree, I most emphatically did not want to spend 4 carbs on a chocolatey, crispety Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch Bar.

That’s another of the things I love about low-carbing it: I’m not always thinking about my next snack or meal.

Dare I say it? Sometimes I even get busy and … forget to eat.

Never thought I’d hear myself say that!

Don’t worry. I do eventually remember — but even then I’m not generally ravenous. It’s a novel sensation — but one I could definitely get used to.


4 responses to “Hungry? Not me

    • I snack when I’m bored, too. I think that’s why I thought I wanted something sweet after dinner …

    • Guess so. I still can’t believe that I can forget to eat, though.

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