No hidden meaning here

Usually, when I’m not blogging, it’s because I’m way off track with my eating/exercising. Not this time!

The low-carb diet is going great — I’m down 6 pounds in two weeks (with another WI looming Monday). I’ve just been super, super busy with my writing life. I finished revising my Golden Heart finalist, “Beauty and the Ballplayer,” and started work on its companion story (same series, different characters). I’ve also designed business cards to hand out at the National Conference.

Yes, I know I need to find a balance between writing and healthy living. Not striking one helped me regain most of the weight I’d lost.

I have my walking buddy, Bandit, for the weekend, while his mom’s out of town, so that should help me sneak in some activity.

I’m also going to try to get back in the habit of putting up a blog post at least once a day. (Thanks to everyone who checks in with me daily. I’ll try to stop frustrating you by leaving the same post up for a week.) Even if my computer at home’s still on the fritz, I have the one at the office — and in a pinch, I can use the one I’m borrowing to get online.

Also, I’m now eligible to upgrade to the iPhone. Hopefully I can make that happen sooner rather than later.

So here are my vows for the next few days:

  1. Keep working on the novel(s).
  2. Walk Bandit often.
  3. Blog at least once a day — even if it’s just a few quick sentences. No one visits my blog to look at the pictures anyway, right? (I don’t use very many, so I hope not!) 😉
  4. Keep up with the water drinking.

Those goals aren’t too overwhelming, right? Right!


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