2 more pounds gone

The title of this post says it all.

Yes, I weighed myself in Monday morning … and yes, I’m down two more pounds. 😀

I’m a little perturbed that it wasn’t more, being that I’m used to a rate of about 3 lbs/week when I’m doing Atkins. But that was on the old Atkins plan, not “New Atkins for a New You.” Maybe the new Atkins is supposed to take longer.

I’ll take it, though. And I’ll be upping my water intake for this next week. I know I’ve been slacking a little in that area.

Finally I’m getting used to eating 12-15 net carbs’ worth of veggies a day. It just means incorporating a few of the higher-carb veggies I used to avoid, like onion and tomatoes.


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