A good weekend

Eating-wise, this has been a fantastic weekend. Even though I went to my writers’ group meeting on Saturday, I stuck to my low-carb plan. I even perused the bakery case while I was in line at Starbucks — and nothing called out “eat me.”

However, my computer is on the fritz. It was fine at Starbucks Saturday after my meeting, but when I got home Saturday night, it started giving me the black screen of death at random moments (usually when I tried to get online). I tried turning off Airport (the internet access finder or something) and it seems to be working to run Word … so I can work on my novel but not the blog.

Maybe it’s someone’s way of telling me to get busy writing. 😉

I’m blogging now from my roommate’s spare computer, a PC. I figure the Boyfriend will let me take his spare home with me, too, when I see him tomorrow. I just am not much of a PC fan. I can’t do all the same things I can on my little white iBook.

Like blog with photos. I have a couple of posts I want to write that include photos, but I doubt I’ll be doing that until I can use my own computer again. Aargh!

Ah well. It’ll give you, my faithful readers, a reason to keep checking back. Right?

Right. 😉

Today was a good day, too. I slept until 2:30 p.m., then ate a low-carb lunch and cleaned out my car. It needed decluttering … badly. Now I just need to keep it clean.


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