Five things that made today great

Tonight, I thought it might be fun to do a list of the good things about my Friday. In the order they happened:

1. I enjoyed real bacon for breakfast, with fried eggs and sauteed spinach and onions. Mmmm …

2. I visited the chiropractor. He fixed my knee, which I only thought was all better. Now it really is.

3. The Boyfriend called. He’s been busy, so today was the first time I heard his voice since Tuesday, I think. I miss him when we don’t talk.

4. I fixed a really delicious salad for dinner — a salad that put me over the top when it comes to veggie consumption. (That’s right: I got 14.3 net carbs’ worth of veggies, falling within the 12-15 range for the first time since I started counting.) It was packed with chicken, avocado, tomato, cheese, bacon and lots of lovely greens.

5. On the writing front, one of my fellow 2011 GH finalists announced that she sold her book today. Others are starting to get requests for full manuscripts from final judges. Great things are starting to happen for us.

Speaking of writing, I need to head home and work on my  story for a while before bed. Morning’s coming bright and early because it’s NARWA meeting day.


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