Procrastinating — big-time

Here I am, camped out at the Bux on my day off, but I’m not getting as much writing done as I’d hoped.

There’s something about the cold, gray weather — complete with snow flurries — that’s not conducive to writing. I don’t care if I live in the mountains. It’s still not supposed to snow in May. (Or maybe that’s just an excuse. I suspect the real culprit is not quite knowing how to start the scene I’m trying to write.)

Good news on the scale front, though. That’s right: I got on this morning and … drumroll, please …

I’m down 1.8 from Monday! That puts my weight at 259 (still WAY too high) – but at least it’s not 260.8.

I’ll be thankful for the small things today. Things  like …

— Losing 1.8 pounds!

At Camp Starbucks, ready to get busy.

— Snagging one of the comfy armchairs next to the outlet @ Starbucks.

— Enjoying my unsweetened iced green tea. (I can make it last longer when I drink unsweetened, plus I don’t have to waste 1 carb on Splenda.) Yes, I’ve broken through  my Frappuccino addiction — with help from my Ninja Master Prep. (Recipe to come, I promise!)

Unsweetened green tea & DayBreak bar wrapper. Devoured that sucker before I thought to snap its picture.

— Trying my first Atkins Day Break Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp bar. Those things are seriously delicious. Think I’ll keep one in my desk at work for the next time the Buckeyes make their appearance.

Now, it’s time to get back to the writing. Meg and Matt aren’t going to argue without a shove from me!


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