Spreading the link love

It’s been a  while since I delivered a Link Love post, so it’s past time for me to share some of the articles I’ve been reading. (Please ignore the fact that some of these links have been around since late March. Since the announcement of my final in the RWA Golden Heart®, I’ve been busy doing writerly things on my other website, Love & Laughter.)

— A particularly powerful guest post from MizFit, on loving yourself to change. The writer has a good point: Most of us wouldn’t treat a child the way we treat ourselves.

When’s the last time ignoring, hitting and screaming hateful things at a child generate good response? I would never want to treat any poor child the way I treat myself.

I think I need to print this one out and refer back to it. Often.

— Over at Live Well Fit Now, Jenn wrote a great post articulating the “crowd it out” theory I mentioned a while back. She explains that when you add in good foods, the junk will naturally fall by the wayside — a much more sustainable way to eat than banning XXXX (say, cookies and cake) from your life forever.

— An interesting read from (where else?) Men’s Health magazine on the real cost of all the cheap, chain pizzas we down.

I don’t know if I agree completely with the info in the article, but it was eye-opening. And I do know that I have to eat a lot more slices of a pizza from Domino’s, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut for the same satisfaction level I can get from one slice of gourmet pizza (with a side salad). Is it the quality of the pizza? The salad on the side? A combination of both? Don’t know. But given a choice, I’ll pick the Picazzo’s lunch combo over mass quantities of chain pizza any day.

— Health magazine published a slide show detailing 8 types of workplace stress. Hard to say which one applies in my workplace, but I’ll have to go with “frustrated go-getter.” We work our tails off without thanks — and it’s been years since we got a raise.

— Roni continues to inspire and amaze at every turn. A while back, she posted this “best quote ever” from her WW leader:

It’s not what we do occasionally that makes the difference. It’s what we do consistently.

So true. And like Roni, it’s taken me forever to figure that out. I thought I knew it once, but I forgot and regained the weight I’d lost. So now I’m starting over. Again. This time the lessons will stick.

— I’m pretty sure it was on this blog (and not my writing one) that I talked about decluttering the bedroom. While flat surfaces are no longer spotless, the room as a whole looks pretty good. And these “decluttering affirmations” someone shared on Twitter (sorry — don’t remember who) might help me keep it looking good.

— And just in case you missed it, one of my favorite healthy snacks was featured in the Woman’s Day Food Blogger Friday. Unfortunately, that snack will now be put on hold until I get to the later phases of Atkins. For now, it’s back to hard-boiled eggs and original broccoli crunch salad. Can’t say I’m missing the carbs.


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