Arlene & the amazing disappearing appetite

It’s not often that I can say this, but my appetite seems to have disappeared. I’d be lying if I said I missed it.

It is, however, very weird for me. I had baked eggs for breakfast at about 10:30, drank a 1-carb shake an hour or so later, then ate lunch at around 2:30 — not so much because I was starved but because I had to head to work soon thereafter.

Lunch was a serving of Garden Vegetable Casserole (not the recipe’s official name, but I don’t have the book it’s in handy to check for the real one. It’s by Dana Carpender — either 500 Low Carb Recipes or 500 More Low-Carb Recipes.)

At work, I grazed through my snacks: 2 deviled eggs, cucumber spears w/ blue cheese dressing and the rest of my Broccoli Crunch salad. Again, I’m not sure if I did it out of hunger or because I was bored.

Despite the snacking, I never got hungry enough to crack open the monster salad I made for dinner: 4 cups of greens, 3 sliced radishes, 1/4 cup chopped mushroom, 2 oz. each ham and roast beef, 1/4 cup cheddar and 2 more T blue cheese dressing. (I’m so glad blue cheese is one of the lowest-carb choices. It’s one of my favorites.)

By the time I felt a gnawing in my stomach, it was 11 p.m. — and I didn’t want to be consuming a monster-sized salad at that hour. Instead, I heated up some more Garden Vegetable Casserole when I got home from work.

I bombed the 12 carbs’ worth of veggies thing today, though: Only got 6. Had I eaten my salad, I’d have added 2.6 more to that total.

2.6? In a salad that size? Holy crap! I need to find some higher-carb veggies to add into my diet — stat. Tomatoes and onions for sure.

There’s no way I can eat copious amounts of salad like that when I don’t have much of an appetite. 😉


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