Random ramblings of the sleep-deprived

It’s late and I’m exhausted, so I’ll just share a few of the thoughts that have been crossing my mind. Be warned: Many, but not all, are grocery-related — so if grocery shopping bores you to tears, you have my permission to skip this post.

Here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

— Grocery shopping is much simpler on Atkins. I stick to produce, meats and cheeses. I only had to wander down a few of the interior aisles — and that was on the hunt for canola oil and sherry vinegar (which I didn’t find). Okay, I also looked for (and found) some low-carb ice cream bars. Guess I wasn’t totally immune to the ice cream in the breakroom after all.

— It’s also more expensive. I spent way too much at Safeway this afternoon before work and still came away with just three reusable  bags full of stuff. Next time, I’m going to the Super Walmart (or Target) for bacon and cheese. (Bacon was $3.19 at Walmart; I paid $4+. The sliced cheeses were $3.99 @ Safeway but about $2.50 @ Wally World. Cream is cheaper at Wally World, too.)

— I don’t want to think about how much money I threw in the trash when I cleaned out the fridge to make room for the new purchases. Breads and yogurts (many already expired) went into the trash. The sweetened almond milk will have to follow suit.

— Hard-boiled eggs are a lot tougher to peel when you start with old eggs (another  attempt to make room in the fridge). At least they’ll be easier to store in the new hard-boiled egg keeper I picked up for $4. (Photo will come later, after I peel the rest of the eggs and fill the holder.)

— I’m still full longer on a low-carb meal than I ever was on WW. I’m not bashing WW, because it did work for me. I lost 50+ pounds on the old Momentum plan … but it was a struggle. For me, the low-carb diet works better. I’m no longer thinking of my next snack/meal while I finish off the last few bites of the current one. I can go hours without wanting to eat — or even thinking of food. This is HUGE for me.

— I signed myself and the Boyfriend up for the summer softball league today — after I bought my ticket to NYC for the RWA National Conference. Between these two expenses and the trip to the grocery store, the paycheck’s all gone. 😛

— Went to my fave pizza place, Picazzo’s, for lunch and had no trouble ordering a Caesar salad with chicken, sans croutons. I love their Caesar dressing. I wish they had nutritional stats posted on their website, though. (I couldn’t find ’em.)

— I’m working on my own version of the coconut-mocha Frappuccino. Two versions in two days, and it’s still not right. When I perfect it, I’ll share the recipe. (I’ll save a ton of money by making my own, in my Ninja.)

— I’m thinking of attempting Project 365 yet again. It’d be cool to have a daily picture of myself to document my progress on Atkins. I’m not sure, though. I usually hate pictures of myself, so I don’t want to see a new one every day.


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