Shopping success

As I suspected, Phoenix had a much better selection of gowns for me to try on. Had I known I’d end up with the first dress I tried on at the first store of the morning, I could have saved myself a lot of time.

Ah well — at least I found a dress that I love.

I’ll get to that one, I promise. But first, just for fun, here are a few of the rejects. (Excuse all the gray space … the pix were snapped with my cell phone.)

I put this blue tropical print gown on hold with the eventual winner.

Makes me look a little hippy, don’t you think? Guess that’s what happens when you have child-bearing hips.

At David's Bridal.

This lavender one wasn’t bad. I just didn’t love it as much as I hoped to.

A contender

This burgundy strapless gown was a serious contender for my attention. I even tried it on twice. It’s similar in style to the one I eventually chose — but in the end, I decided it made my butt look too big. My rear is big enough without help from the dress.

Now, without further ado, is the winning gown:

Obviously, I'll be wearing a different bra — and ditching the chunky black watch. And doing something about my super-flat hair.

It has just a little sparkle. The purple color matches my writing blog, Love & Laughter. The pouffy skirt minimizes my hips. It only cost $165 — and I got a 15% discount because some of the sequins are loose. (They’ll be easy to sew back on with some purple embroidery floss, though. I was a cross-stitch fiend in a former life, so I’ll have no problem making the fix.)

Better yet, I feel like a princess in it. (Yes, I bought a small, classy tiara to wear with it. I’ll probably put my hair up somehow.)

I still need to buy shoes — with heels, ugh — and a strapless bra. There’s also the chance the dress might have to be altered if I lose enough weight before the conference.

But that’s a chance I’m willing to take. Still loving the vida low-carb. Even the Boyfriend praised the meatballs I made for lunch, using this recipe. I subbed ground turkey for the veal and served the meatballs with sauteed zucchini and summer squash. I also had 2 T of spaghetti sauce to dip them in. Yum!

I have a question, though: Where does one find low-carb spaghetti sauce these days? Most of the brands I checked at the grocery store had 10+ grams of carbs. Last time I did Atkins, stores still sold that Carb Options (I think) brand with the blue label.

Dessert was a low-carb root beer float, made with ice, diet root beer and heavy cream. Just 1 carb. Double-yum!


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