Bum knee strikes again

While I was having fun on the tennis court — my first “exercise” in a few weeks — my knee decided to go out.

Helping the Boyfriend with a lesson for a 6-year-old wasn’t all that strenuous. It involved hitting a lot of balls he tossed in our direction. But I stepped just the wrong way and bollixed up my knee — again.

So now I’m trying not to move much, and limping around when I do.

Figures. Now that I feel ready to start moving again, I can’t. At least I’m getting caught up on blog reading. The Google Reader is below 100 for the first time in weeks.

If the knee hasn’t healed itself by Monday, I may have to schedule a visit with the chiropractor. He can make it feel better with just a small adjustment, which I appreciate, because until it was out during a chiropractor visit, no one could tell me what was wrong, let alone fix it.

The doctor and physical therapist thought it might be the MCL (medial cruciate ligament, I think). Doc gave me a prescription for a pain-relieving cream (didn’t do much) and the physical therapist ran electricity through the affected area.

The chiropractor took one look and said, “It’s partially dislocated.” He did something and it felt better right away.

How did I injure it in the first place, you might ask? The community theater group was rehearsing a dance number for the musical “Hair” when I slipped in a puddle of air-conditioner condensation on a cement floor and twisted it.

What can I say? I’m a klutz.


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