Desperate times

You know the saying: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I’m to the point where I’m desperate to see the scale head in the right direction … and that means only one thing: I went back to Atkins.

I know, I know. I’ll get tons of complaints about how giving up carbs is bad for me. (Had to listen to some of those today, while I enjoyed a big chef’s salad with blue cheese dressing for lunch.)

But the thing is, I know Atkins works … FOR ME. In two years, I lost 110 pounds doing Atkins. And I did it without starving myself. I never felt truly hungry.

Sure, I balked at the thought of giving up bread, bagels, pasta and potatoes again. I enjoyed eating those things (a lot) — but I know in a few days, I won’t even miss them.

Already, I can tell a difference. I’m less hungry between meals, and I’m not as eager to snack. Better yet, when I do make a decision to eat something a little higher in carbs (like a handful of popcorn at the bar with the Boyfriend or a slice of the stupid cake he has in the house right now), I have absolutely no trouble stopping with just a little — and going right back to low-carb eating with the next food that goes into my mouth.

It occurred to me the reason why: Atkins is so radically different from my normal way of eating that it’s easier for me to follow. Unlike with Weight Watchers, there’s none of that “everything in moderation” stuff. (A little bit always turns into a lot.)

I know I’m not supposed to eat French fries. Period. I can’t eat half of the Boyfriend’s order. I can’t order my own and TRY (unsuccessfully) to stop before every last one is gone. Fries are just off-limits … and I’m OK with that.

Better than OK. I feel in control for the first time in months — maybe even a year or more. And I like it.


2 responses to “Desperate times

  1. You will get no criticism from me because I am just like you. I’ve never done Atkins specifically, but I do know that completely eliminating sugar and white flour is what works for me. You are right – once the stuff is totally out of your system and the cravings subside, it isn’t that much of a sacrifice and the weight literally falls off. Good luck this go round!

    • Thanks! I was a little worried that I’d be inundated with negative comments … the Boyfriend’s mother’s first words were, “That doesn’t work.” I had to point out that it does, because I lost 110 pounds doing it. It was when I went back to carbs that I regained the weight. Had I stuck with Atkins, which I used to think I could do for the rest of my life, I firmly believe I’d have kept the weight off.

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