Struggling for balance

Same old story here: Things are crazy-busy and I’m trying — unsuccessfully — to balance the competing demands of writing and being healthy.

My diet looks like a schizophrenic roller coaster: Fantastically healthy one meal and terribly bad for me the next.

I’ve got to start looking for a formal gown for the awards ceremony — and business casual clothes to wear during the conference — and I’m dreading the task. I’m going to look like crap in anything I try on at this weight.

I’m trying to work on a new story and edit my Golden Heart® finalist before the conference. And I need to design business cards, book a flight and get a hotel room (which means finding a roommate …)

Oh yeah — and between the healthy living and writing blogs I follow, my Google Reader has 100+ posts clamoring for my attention.

I’m thinking I need Atkins — or something — to tell me what to eat. No thought required, just “Eat this and lose weight.” Not a magic pill, but something that takes all the thought and struggle out of choosing meals.

You’d think I wouldn’t have to fight with myself over every single decision at this point in my life.

Aargh! Good thing I have a chat with Jenn scheduled for tomorrow.


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