Busy, busy, busy

Unfortunately, my “busy-ness” is not translating very well into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being a *cough* successful unpublished writer means I have a lot more to do — with no more time in which to do it.

Worse, the National conference — and awards ceremony — get closer every day. Still, I have little motivation to make the healthier choices I know I should be making to lose a few pounds before I start shopping for a dress.

Sorry to say, losing 10 or 15 pounds isn’t going to make much of a difference in how I look right now.

In some ways, I feel great. For the first time ever, I’m getting recognition for my fiction writing … even the rejections mean I’m getting noticed.

But in other ways (all surrounding my body image) I feel like crap. I’m at my highest weight ever since losing 110 pounds on Atkins. Haven’t been on the scale recently, but my last visit put me at about 256 … It’s probably up since then. (I started Atkins at 276, back in 2003.)

Maybe I need to suck it up and go on an all-out low-carb diet for the 10 weeks leading up to conference so I can feel better on the outside. I want to look like the success that I am.


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