A new approach?

Still having trouble committing to any one plan, though I’m digging the one Jasmine outlined today at Eat, Move, Write. I’m toying with the idea of joining her.

Today, though, I tried the new (old?) “make more good choices than bad” approach.

Good choices:

  1. Smoothie for breakfast, made with chocolate protein powder, 1% milk, peanut butter and spinach
  2. Took a 20-minute walk to …
  3. … Starbucks, where I said “no” to all the lovely goodies in the pastry case.
  4. Did not steal any of the Boyfriend’s lunch (fries and burger) from McDonald’s
  5. Grabbed a bottle of water instead of a diet soda on the way out the door to go to work
  6. Ate a low-carb snack and dinner
  7. Remembered to grab the Magic Bullet & an ice cube tray to bring with me to the Boyfriend’s.

Not-so-good choices:

  1. Drank the Boyfriend’s soda (got a diet Dr Pepper because he said he didn’t want the drink, just the burger and fries)
  2. Stopped @ Starbucks to drown my sorrows with a Frappuccino Light after getting bad news via e-mail
  3. Drank ANOTHER diet Dr Pepper @ work
  4. Not enough water
  5. Too many after-dinner snacks (sugar-free chocolate, a serving of Vermont White Cheddar Wheat Thins, handful of olive-oil-&-sea-salt almonds)

You can see the day didn’t go as well as it could have. Friday’s not likely to be better, because it’s my stress day at work.


One response to “A new approach?

  1. If the boyfriend didn’t want a soda, then next time tell him NOT to order it. McDonald’s will let you order JUST the burger & fries…or you can get water with a meal at fast food places too.

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