Tale of two eating styles

I may be blogging here a little less often as I concentrate a little harder on my writing career/writing blog.

A part of me thinks that’s a darn shame, because now I need y’all more than ever: I want to drop as much weight as I can before the RWA National conference in July so I can feel better … and — let’s be honest, here — look better in a nice dress at the awards ceremony.

I think I mentioned that I want to start cutting carbs again — if not doing full-blown Atkins, something close.

Well, if I judge my eats by that yardstick, Saturday was much better than Sunday. I had a few carbs Saturday, but Sunday was a very carb-heavy day.

Saturday’s Eats

B — 1 strip bacon, 2 egg-cheese omelet

Snack — Handful smoked almonds (Mmm – bacon-flavored nuts!)

Lunch — Wildflower Bread Co. salad w/ beef, blue cheese dressing, veggies (hold the corn) and the bread that came with it.

Snack — Cup of SF mandarin oranges, 5 slices hard salami rolled up w/ cream cheese

More snack — single-serve bag popcorn (yes, I’m aware this is not low-carb. It was in my drawer & better than a vending machine pick … unless I went for nuts)

Dinner — three pickle spears, each wrapped in two thin slices ham & 1/2 slice provolone cheese

Snack — Peppermint stick Luna bar (not low-carb, but again, in my desk when I was hungry)

After-work Snack — low-carb tortilla w/ mozzarella and pasta sauce, grilled on George, with 3/4 cup milk
Drinks —  2 16.9-oz bottles H2O, 1 can Diet Dr Pepper, 30-oz iced green tea w/ 2 Splendas

Sunday’s Eats

Breakfast — 8 a.m.

Overnight Oats w/ almond milk, Craisins, PB & 1/2 banana

At Coffee Shop — noon-3 p.m.
2 16-oz glasses iced tea w/ 1 pkt. Splenda each
Lunch — 3:30 p.m.
Pulled pork sandwich & chips from deli (Thought about ordering fruit, but couldn’t do it. Love Frank’s English chips! I know, this is probably a sign I should avoid Frank’s while trying to lose weight. To be fair, he does have salads … I even thought about ordering one. But when push came to shove, I went with a sandwich.)
While at Target — 4:30 p.m.
Frappuccino Light (no whip)
Snacks (thru afternoon @ work)
2 Russel Stover SF chocolates
1 Jello SF chocolate mousse (from Target run)
Dinner — 8 p.m.
Healthy Choice Lobster Ravioli
After-work snack — 11:30 p.m.
Low-carb tortilla w/ 1 1/2 slices mozzarella cheese and about 1 T pasta sauce, grilled on George
a little milk
Misc. drinks — throughout day
1 bottle H2O, diet Pepsi
The big thing I noticed? I was a lot hungrier today than yesterday.
Now, I could blame the fact that I ate substantially more carbs … or fewer whole foods. There was a lot of Sugar-Free (and not SF) chocolate consumed over the course of Sunday — none of which has nutritional value.
As long as you’re bearing with me here, do it again while I try to figure out what style of eating best suits me.
Wait! Isn’t that what I’ve been trying to do all along? 😉
The e-mail food journal is still happening only sporadically, but now that I have more motivation to lose, I see it becoming more regular.

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