I did it!

In case you were wondering, my silence yesterday was a good thing.

That’s right: You’re now reading the healthy-living ramblings of an RWA Golden Heart® finalist. (That’s me in the Contemporary Series Romance category.) Did I mention how huge a deal this is? Like the Oscars of unpubbed romance writers? (Sorry. I’m still having trouble getting over the excitement.)

I spent the day hyperventilating, calling my writer friends and family and obsessively checking e-mails and tweets. (Oh, yeah … I had to work, too. Ask me how much work I really got done.) 😉

If you want more details about the story, you can visit my writer web page. Or check out my writing blog.

Of course, with this huge accomplishment comes a renewed pressure to lose more than a few pounds. I want to look fantastic in a dress at the awards ceremony in July. (There’s also the pressure of trying to figure out how to fund my trip to NYC and the RWA national conference. Anyone out there with deep pockets and a few bucks to spare? I’ll mention you in my dedication if the book ever gets published.)

Yesterday I ate with abandon, celebrating with lunch at my fave pizza place and dinner of a burger, fries and a shake. And I treated myself to a piece of chocolate cake. Today, I decided to give up carbs again. Yep. I’m going back on Atkins — at least a modified version of it. I already ate some nuts that wouldn’t be allowed on Induction after my walk through uptown Sedona.

I know it works. I know I can lose weight relatively quickly on it. I know I can stick to it. And now I have that extra added motivation to do so.

Of course, it won’t help me look better for the head shot I need to submit to RWA HQ   by April 8. I’m having that taken next week. Maybe it can be my new “before.”

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