Day without soda

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@kyree90) might have read that I gave up diet soda for the day … or at least that I was attempting to do so.

Well, I did it. I made it through the whole day without having a diet anything. (My “drug” of choice is Diet Dr Pepper or Wild Cherry Pepsi.)

I can’t say it was easy … but it sure feels good to be able say, “I did it.”

I didn’t realize how much I depend on that late-afternoon jolt of caffeine, though. There were some touch-and-go moments there, for sure. I’ve gotten so used to drinking a can at my desk in the afternoon that it’s a hard habit to break.

On the plus side, I upped my H2O intake for the day — by a considerable amount. I had three 12-ounce glasses of water, plus a 16-ounce bottle. I also drank a 30-ounce iced green tea from Starbucks and a coconut-mocha frappe from the used bookstore cafe.

Dinner for one.

I also had a healthy dinner: A veggie burger topped with spinach and tomatoes, with some asparagus on the side. After dinner, I snacked on half a banana, wrapped in a tortilla with some PB and Greek yogurt mixed with honey.

Now, it’s time to head home and do my taxes. I know I can finish the task without ruining my no-soda day.



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