Walking’s fun?

Why, yes … yes it is. I need to remember that little fact and do it more often. Reading Mary’s post on the subject only intensified my desire to get out there.

I’d wanted to take a nice, long walk on Monday. However, the cold/rain/snow kept me indoors all day. Yeah, that’s spring in Northern Arizona for you. (I’m just glad I was in Sedona and not Flagstaff. At least it didn’t stick. I hear Flag had 6 inches on the ground. Blech. I’m so over winter. Give me a REAL spring … STAT.)

Red Rocks in the mist

After a weekend of indulgences, it felt great to get out and move. I hit the sidewalks of Uptown Sedona and was out for nearly an hour. Subtract the 10 or so minutes I spent sitting @ Starbucks while I enjoyed a java chip light Frappuccino breakfast and I was still moving for nearly an hour. I know, that meager amount of exercise won’t undo a weekend’s worth of bad eating, but it’s a start.

Deck with a view

I started my outing by enjoying the view from the boyfriend’s deck. Not bad, eh?

Along the way to Starbucks, I spotted some pretty purple flowers and a few of my favorites, daffodils.


During my semester in England as a student (1992), the daffodils sprouted wild on the hillsides. I fell in love with them then, and they’re still my favorite flowers. Yes, I think I’d rather have a bunch of daffodils than a dozen roses.

Wait! Don’t let the Boyfriend hear me say that. 😉 Aww, who am I kidding? I’d be happy to get flowers of any kind.

A little blurry, but it's a daffodil!

Don’t let the pretty spring flowers fool you. It was darn cold out this morning. I was glad for my fleece jacket. It kept me warm despite the nip in the air.

Don’t ask me why I decided to have a Frappuccino at the Bux instead of something warm. I think I have a Frappuccino problem.

The Bux is part of the shoppes at the official Snoopy Rock scenic overlook. So while I was there, I took the time to snap a picture of Snoopy Rock. Viewing the rock formations is a little like looking for shapes in the clouds. It takes a little imagination, but it’s fun.

See Snoopy lying atop his dog house?

Beautifully hidden for a trash can.

Once my drink was  gone, I headed back toward the apartment. First, I had to find a trash can to throw away the straw wrapper I walked out of the Bux carrying. It wasn’t easy. I wandered around for quite a while.  Had a chance to see some pretty potted flowers and cactus, though.

Yes, the Indiana girl in me still gets excited when she sees a cactus. (What can I say? I’m weird like that.)

Finally, I was on my way. Enjoyed looking at this horse statue …

And saw an adorable T-shirt in one of the shop windows.

Cute, right?

When I got back, I ate some pineapple Chobani topped with Mini Wheats, coconut, almonds and chocolate chips. I also found some ham in my cooler bag. I forgot I packed it, so it sat out all weekend. Obviously, it went into the trash. 😛


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