Fun in Sedona

Neither the Boyfriend nor I had to work early Friday, so we did something we haven’t done in ages: Had breakfast at the Coffee Pot, famous for its 101 omelets.

The breakfast and lunch spot is popular with locals and tourists alike. Guess after being in the area (if not in Sedona proper) for almost 12 years(!), I qualify as a local now. Right? Right. And, despite being a California Boy, the Boyfriend (that’s him in blue) has been around Sedona even longer.

The Coffee Pot has a fun, funky interior, decorated in a Southwest/cowboy motif. I love the bright colors.

The food is delicious — and there’s a lot of it. Plates come piled high. It’s not easy to choose what to order, though: You can get an omelet filled with pretty much anything but the kitchen sink.

Three-cheese omelet with hash browns and white toast.

There’s a standard cheese omelet (the Boyfriend’s favorite pick), but the more adventurous you are, the more “out there” the choices. There’s an omelet filled with green chiles and guacamole and another with smoked salmon, sauteed onions and cream cheese. Why, you can even have jelly, PB&J or jelly, PB & banana.

The No. 42 with cottage cheese and a biscuit.

I’m more adventurous than the Boyfriend, but I’m not that adventurous. I went with the No. 42: Zucchini, mushroom, spinach, bacon and cheese. On the side, I ordered cottage cheese and a biscuit. (I’m toying with the idea of going back on Atkins, so I didn’t want the hash browns. Should have skipped the biscuit, too, but didn’t.)

Clearly, I need more omelets in my life. Omelets and yoga? That’s a combination I can work with! 😉

Ready to dig in!



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