Not-so-fast food

I’ve decided against doing the PFJ thing in photo form. Instead, I’m going to keep my food journal via e-mail and do a “featured meal.”

Wednesday’s featured meal is lunch. Pretty, isn’t it?

"McRib" with sweet potato fries and ranch dip

Being broke until payday, I had to get creative in the kitchen.

Fry? Don't mind if I do!

I knew I wanted fries … more specifically, sweet potato fries. (The serving I saw on Tina’s blog, Faith Fitness Fun, the other day gave me a hankering.) Luckily, I had a sweet potato in the pantry, just begging to be used. So I cut it up and made a batch of my famous Foreman Fries (on the George Foreman grill, of course!).

Alongside, I whipped up some homemade ranch (Greek yogurt mixed with ranch dressing mix).

Better than the real thing?

The fries were delicious, but the highlight of my meal was easily the McRib knockoff I made to go with them. I used a Morningstar Farms riblet, sliced onion and pickles, and a Sandwich Thin.

Between the cutting of the “fries” and the preparation of the sandwich, it wasn’t exactly a fast meal — but its taste and nutrition more than made up for the lack of drive-thru convenience.

Right? Right. I eat much better when I fix it myself.

More good news: I actually got outside for a 12-minute walk today. In a sign of just how long it’s been since I exercised with any frequency, my calves were burning at the end of the walk … but 12 minutes is better than no minutes.

Tomorrow I’m going for 15.


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