Reversed course

Maybe I’m finally starting to get my head on straight again. After a Sunday and Monday of not-always-great choices, I put my foot down.

That’s right: I was standing in front of the vending machine at work. I’d walked in to get one of those cherry-cheese danishes for $1, because that’s what sounded good. (That, and I was in one of those “I blew it — might as well keep eating” moods.)

But as I stood there, something inside me rebelled — in a good way. I heard a little voice say, “Wait a minute. Do you really want that?”

I had to admit, I didn’t. I’d already consumed two hot fudge sundaes and assorted other junk (read: giant portion of homemade nachos) during my Sunday/Monday morning with the Boyfriend.

So I got myself the Snackwells sandwich cookies instead. Admittedly still not a fantastic choice, but better than a danish or a Butterfinger bar, for sure.

One choice at a time, folks. Chalk this one up in the win column.

P.S. Look for Project Food Journal to return tomorrow. I think I still have all the pictures from Friday and Saturday (but not Sunday or Monday).



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