PFJ March 8/9

I didn’t snap pictures of everything I ate over the “weekend,” but here’s what I did capture. And what I didn’t snap wasn’t too out of control (for once!).

Here’s Tuesday:

Undocumented eats included round steak w/ gravy and rice, plus a double helping of green beans for lunch, followed by 1 Girl Scout shortbread, 1 cinnamon graham cracker and a little cookies & cream ice cream.

On Wednesday, I cooked three times. (Told the Boyfriend not to expect THAT when we get married!) 😉

Lunch: Salad w/ chicken, green onions, oranges & raspberry vinaigrette

Breakfast: Bacon w/ Greek yogurt, blueberries & honey.

Undocumented: 2 1/2 pancakes (they were made from Jiffy mix and didn’t taste that great, so the Boyfriend wanted bacon & eggs instead. I had the bacon with my yogurt instead of an egg I didn’t want.

Also undocumented: 2 too-large helpings of spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner, a partial bag of WW-endorsed “healthy Pop” microwave popcorn, some crackers, a single-serve bottle of chocolate milk, half of a Reeses’ PB cup, two more snickerdoodles and some more ice cream.

OK — I had the after-dinner sweets craving going on. Guess that’s what a carb-y meal does to me.


2 responses to “PFJ March 8/9

  1. ok, I have seen you mention this Broccoli crunch salad a couple times now but its not listed in your favorite recipes. Is the recipe listed anywhere else in your blog?

    • It’s under “Healthier Broccoli Crunch Salad” on my Favorite Recipes page. Look for the mess on a purple plate …

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