Spreading more (link) Love

This seems to be shaping up as the “all motivation” issue of link love. Here are a few of the most recent posts I’ve been grooving on:

— A fantastic list of 20 things to keep in mind from Tina at Faith Fitness Fun. They’re all great, but a couple of my favorites are “1. Eat what you love” and “5. Pursue a passion (but don’t let it consume you so much that it has an adverse effect on the rest of your life).”

That one speaks to me because I’ve been pursuing my passion for writing (and working hard to get my romantic fiction noticed) … but in the process of writing nearly every day … and sending out queries and attending meetings and writer meet-ups … I’ve let my health fall by the wayside. Yeah, I’m still seeking that elusive balance. Go figure.

— Interesting thoughts on the pursuit of perfection from Stephanie Quilao at The Art of Living Authentically. On a somewhat related note, she also put up a great post on nine habits that keep her in her skinny jeans. My favorite quote sums up her philosophy: “There is no program, there just is. You either have daily habits that support the body you want, or you don’t.”

Right now, I don’t. I’m wallowing in some very bad habits and I want to change but for some reason am struggling with the follow-through. If only I could figure out why …

— Maybe this post from Elle at Prior Fat Girl can shed some light on the why. She writes, “I had to retrain myself to view food in terms of hunger. Instead of food being a hobby or a pastime or an addiction, food had to be a fuel. Nothing more, nothing less.” Considering my penchant for wanting my food to be fun, I probably need to take Elle’s advice to heart.

— I follow my favorite pizza place, Picazzo’s, on Twitter, and they led me to this great link on pantry organization. I’m not sure I’m ready to ban frozen dinners and canned soups from my kitchen, but I do know I tend to cook more when I actually know what’s available in the pantry and fridge.

— A nice post from Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point about the origins of her Operation Beautiful campaign and how to change the voices in your head. Since my voices aren’t all that positive at the moment, I need to follow her advice.

— Jasmine at Eat, Move, Write shared this post on things blogging has taught her. My fave is tip No. 5:

5. Commit.

If you want to gain a following, you can’t do things half-heartedly. Commitment means doing something, even if the output and input aren’t balancing out yet. Otherwise, it doesn’t require commitment.

— Lastly, here’s one just for laughs. Julie at PB Fingers posted a link to a website that was new to me: Damn You, Autocorrect. I have only two words: Friggin’ hilarious.


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