Bad news from Verizon

Bet you can’t guess what it was.

This is my “I’m not eligible to upgrade to an iPhone until May 28” face.

Sad, I know. Ever since Verizon announced it was getting the iPhone, I labored under the assumption that I was upgrade-eligible in March.

Since this is March, I bopped on over to the Verizon store to check it out … only to discover that their computers say I can’t upgrade until May. 28.

That’s practically JUNE, people! I need my iPhone fix sooner than that.

Anyway, the post on my big weekend adventure will be forthcoming. I almost decided to skip it after the Boyfriend called to say it had better be “Boyfriend friendly.” Since I’d rather keep his spontaneity-loving behind in my life, I was re-thinking my commitment to sharing the story.

But now he’s bugging me to write it … so I will. Soon. Possibly even later today. I’m currently sitting at the used bookstore, catching up on RWA-related e-mails and getting ready to edit “Beauty and the Ballplayer.”

I’m also trying to catch up on the 100+ posts that filtered into my Google Reader while I was on my mini-break.

I might just have to catch up on my own blogging front, too.


2 responses to “Bad news from Verizon

    • It’s not … but when I’ve thought I was getting one in March, two extra months seems like forever.

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