A new approach to food journal

This may or may not work, but I’m going to try a quickie photographic food journal tonight.

Don’t worry: My rantings/ramblings aren’t going anywhere. This is just one more kind of post I’m adding to the mix.

Breakfast (10:30 a.m.)

Peanut Butter and banana wrap

Half a banana on a whole wheat tortilla with 1 T PB & 2 T Greek Yogurt mixed with 1 tsp. honey (delicious)


Undocumented Java Chip Frappuccino Light (consumed while writing/editing @ Starbucks starting @ about 11:30). Since I’d just eaten a tasty and filling breakfast, I wasn’t even tempted by the goodies in the bakery case.

Lunch (2:30 p.m.)

Last-Minute Lasagna w/ a side of broccoli

Last-Minute Lasagna with a side of broccoli drizzled w/ 1/4 tsp EVOO and a little Land O’ Lakes Cheddar seasoning


Snack 1 (3:30-ish)

12 or so chips with guacamole (from Chipotle) that were hanging out in the newsroom (undocumented). I wasn’t all that hungry. This was more of a “They’re there, and they won’t be there for long because everyone’s devouring them” kind of snack.

Snack 2 (7 p.m.)

Cottage cheese, banana and almonds

1/2 cup cottage cheese w/ half a banana, 2 T sliced almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon (surprisingly delicious)


Snack 3 (a couple hours later)

Orange bell pepper strips, Nut Thins crackers and 2 T hummus (also delicious, but undocumented, as I ate the crackers and veggies out of baggies)

Snack 4 (about 11 p.m.)

Snickers from the vending machine @ work (thought the two snacks would carry me through while I skipped my dinner break … they didn’t)

After work dinner/snack (dare I say it? 2 a.m.)

Ham, Provolone and spinach on a Sandwich Thin spread with a little Miracle Whip Free & deli mustard. (Since the Snickers really did satisfy my hunger for a while, I stayed @ the office after we finished working to get a jump on the next NARWA newsletter.)

There you have it … and this “quickie” food journal post just took the same amount of time a regular one would have. 😛


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