Productive Sunday at home

Ugh. I’m over winter.

Is it spring yet? Take in the view from my porch Saturday and you’ll see what we’ve been contending with in northern Arizona this weekend.

Needless to say, the weather kept me from leaving town to see the Boyfriend — bad news for the two of us, but good news for both my writing and kitchen time.

I spent the day mostly at home, leaving only three times: Once to meet with a writer friend at Barnes & Noble, once to dig my car out of its resting place at the office (and then treat myself to a late lunch) and finally to pick up the dinner ingredient I didn’t know I was out of.

Before I left for the bookstore, I made myself a great breakfast: French toast. I had to find some way to use up more of that loaf of bread I got with the soup and salad Thursday, and French toast seemed like a safe bet.

How to use up rest of a loaf of sourdough? French toast, of course!

The batter included two eggs, a splash of coconut milk, cinnamon and 1/2 T Splenda. I made it in the traditional way, soaking the bread in the egg and then frying it in a skillet coated with cooking spray until golden brown.

For the topping, I whirred together 2 T plain Greek yogurt, a little almond butter and another splash of coconut milk. Then I topped the slices with half a banana and a sprinkle of coconut.

Can you say “yum”? This was a great breakfast treat … it felt indulgent enough that when I got to Barnes & Noble, I wasn’t tempted by the baked goods case. (I did, however, succumb to the call of a coconut-mocha Frappuccino Light.)

After writing and chatting up a storm, I ended up back home. Then it was time to carry the snow shovel across Route 66 to the office to unbury the Focus. It was easier than I thought it’d be. It was warm enough outside that the underlayer of snow was slightly slushy — easy to shovel out of the way.

Better yet, the main roads were clear enough for me to drive to Arby’s. Yes, that means lunch wasn’t quite as healthy: I ordered a regular-sized Beef & Cheddar and small curly fries with a diet Dr Pepper. At least I just said no to the Chocolate Turnover, which has tempted me before.

A few hours — and a few hundred more words — later, I started thinking about dinner. I wanted the Last-Minute Lasagna from Trading Up Downtown. I switched it up with shredded zucchini and mushroom instead of the spinach, and added Morningstar Farms “meat” crumbles.

Before I could finish assembling the lasagna, I had to run to the store. I thought I had more ravioli in the freezer than I was able to find. Ran out halfway into layer No. 2.

While the lasagna baked, I munched on three Butterfinger Hearts (on sale after Valentine’s Day). That, of course, is not a sufficient side dish. So I decided to make a salad with a variety of the veggies I just picked up on Friday: orange bell pepper, onion, radish, sliced mushroom and two kinds of bagged lettuce (butter blend and traditional iceberg). Look at all those vibrant colors!

Look what I can do when I have a day off!

Yum again! Another wholly satisfying meal.

It didn’t stop me from baking a couple of break-and-bake chocolate chip cookies for dessert a couple of hours later. I made two for me and two each for my roommate and her husband, so a total of six were baked.

Is there anything better than cookies fresh from the oven? Still warm and gooey … OMG. I should have taken a picture of them!

The strange (or maybe not-so-strange) thing about it is that it’s now 11 p.m. and I’m not thinking about a snack.

Hmm. I think this is my clue that I should cook at home more often. 😉


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