Making of a monster?

I don’t often get so excited about a recipe that I have to try it right away. My Google Reader can testify to that. I have tons of starred posts, all containing a recipe I want to try … someday … when I have time. I also have a thick three-ring binder with recipes from various online sources that I’ve printed out to try.

But Friday night after work, I headed to my friendly neighborhood Super Walmart — open 24 hours a day for my shopping convenience — to grab the ingredients I didn’t have for Jenn’s Winter Smoothie.

I already had the yogurt, banana and coconut milk. My bag o’ spinach was iffy, having been purchased a while ago, so I picked up another one. I also had to buy the cherries.

Saturday morning, I whipped up my first “green monster.”


It was more of a brownish-blue than green, leading me to believe that:

A. The recipe isn’t supposed to come out green. It isn’t actually called a Green Monster, after all.

or B. I skimped on the spinach because the thought of drinking spinach scared me. (This may be true … though I did use the two handfuls called for.)

I was pleasantly surprised by the result. With the exception of the tiny chunk that the Ninja didn’t get properly blended, I couldn’t tell I was eating spinach at all. The flavor was sweet and really delicious.

Odd color, but great taste.

Bananas and cherries go together well. That’s good to know.

I’ll probably make this again. It made for a pretty tasty breakfast.


6 responses to “Making of a monster?

  1. Look at you girl! Welcome to the monster world. 🙂

    So a few suggestions to beef these smoothies up: add honey, agave or sweetener of your choice, add peanut butter for some fat or even avocado, add unsweetened cocoa powder or chocolate nibs for a bit of fun

    Now you MUST try to the classic green monster that is as green as green can be. Trust me, it is glorious!

    – handfuls of spinach
    – 1 cup of milk of choice
    – 1 banana
    – 1-2 tbsp peanut butter
    – ice

    Throw in greek yogurt for added protein + flavor!

    • Avocado, huh?

      As for the classic, I have all the ingredients. Maybe I’ll take the plunge for breakfast in the morning.

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