Stephanie Quilao, formerly of Back in Skinny Jeans, recently wrote a post that resonated with me. She now blogs at The Art of Living Authentically — and she lives in the Valley, so I hold out hope of scheduling a blogger meet-up one day. They always look like so much fun when the rest of y’all do it.

Today, she blogged about her 80/20 philosophy for maintaining her 35-pound weight loss.

I love this idea. I loved it when Tina talked about it on Faith Fitness Fun. I’ve even thumbed through Joy Bauer’s 90/10 diet book.

Unfortunately, my diet currently hovers around 50/50 … or worse, 40/60 (with the higher percentage being unhealthy choices).

I want to get to 80/20 … or even 90/10. Heck — I’d settle for 70/30 right now.

Oh yes, the desire is there. I’d love to rely on lean protein with fresh fruits and veggies more often than not. I may not go so far as to dream about produce, but I look at other bloggers’ posts and think “That salad/veggie dish looks fantastic.” Sometimes I catch myself drooling over produce at the grocery store.

So why is it that when I go so far as to buy a lot of it, it languishes in my crisper drawer? (I tossed a bunch of radishes — untouched — and a partially eaten bag of salad when I was putting away groceries Friday.)

I think it all goes back to my lack of planning issue. When I don’t plan, I get bored … uninspired … flat-out lazy. And that’s when I end up eating crap.

The simple solution, then, would be to plan. When I last chatted with Jenn, we talked about “crowding out” out processed foods in favor of veggies, fruits and protein. Not eliminating them altogether, but crowding them out by getting in more of the good stuff.

Some days are better than others.

Saturday wasn’t the best — probably because meal planning was nonexistent after breakfast. I enjoyed a healthy breakfast (more on that later) and did not make a Starbucks run on the way to plot group. I did, however, nosh my way through our plot group meeting (couldn’t stop eating the spinach dip with crackers).

Then I grabbed a bag of chips and a sandwich at the Maverick before heading into work, figuring it’d be dinner. But then my roommate made a Chipotle run and brought me a burrito, which I gobbled down at about 8 p.m., between putting out pages. (With the weather, we were rushing to clear early.)

At least I didn’t have a snack when I got home. I did down a glass of milk — and a bottle of H2O, because I was thirsty. But no food. I was still full from earlier.


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